Toni Mayner

Toni Mayner Portrait 1

Toni Mayner lives in Birmingham and works as a part-time lecturer at the School of Jewellery (currently specialising in traditional hand-making skills) and an independent Jewellery Artist exhibiting in the UK and abroad. Initially training as a jeweller, during her Masters studies she developed large scale work which led to her spending a year in the Netherlands working with Dutch silversmiths. Her work has been supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, Arts Council England and Birmingham Assay Office.

She is currently researching work that examines the themes of loss and remembrance which includes examining the impact of ritual and artefacts on individuals experiences of remembrance and exploring forgotten or unrecognised lives through the development of ‘small histories’.


‘Bitch’, 40cm necklace made from Oxidised sterling silver, CZ’s andStainless Steel, Current location: USA


The Goldsmiths (who’s who in gold and silver)

BIAD profile

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