Pamrita Jhumat

Pamrita Jhumat 2

I have a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and an MA in the History of Art and Design. During my MA, I researched into Victorian artists including Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelites, Arthur Rackham and Richard Dadd. The realms of fairies, myths, witches and far-away lands were the creation of not only romantic but also macabre worlds created by these Victorian artists. I also studied medieval art history in which I explored the ideas of religion, spirituality and morality, and in my dissertation I examined witchcraft in the work of the Victorian artist John William Waterhouse.

My MA study, combined with research undertaken since surrounding witchcraft and sorcery, has developed a curiosity to further explore the Victorian fascination for the unknown and other supernatural phenomena such as the occult and theosophy. This has led to me progress onto applying for a doctorate examining Victorian art, specifically focusing on the Victorian supernatural/witchcraft/alchemy/occultism. I am developing my research in other areas too as I am also very interested in art criticism and philosophy, in particular aesthetics and considering them in relation to previously gained knowledge and experience.




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