Joanna Fursman


An artist teacher and recent graduate of the MA Art Practice and Education at BIAD, School of Art, my practice-based PhD research focuses upon the resonant, magical, movable object in questioning new pedagogies, experiences, perceptions and in the production and recognition of the future school art-room.

In questioning the tensions and interactions of student-teacher-teacher-student relations, practice-led investigations involve in-school photography workshops examining policed environments and objects in collaged and overlapping states.

Research is underpinned by the role of third-site pedagogy, examining other pedagogical art practices that engage and combine contemporary making in educative spaces, allowing departure from and redistribution of ‘normalised’ education practice.


Not an Art Room (Mobile), 2013, C-Type photographic print


Not an Art Room (Drama), 2013, C-Type photographic print


Twitter: @JoannaFursman

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