Gregory Dunn


I am currently concerned with geo-emotional relationships and the ways in which we connect with a given landscape; ‘real’ or ‘virtual’. I understand the corporeal body to be empirically and seamlessly essential to perception; a continuously interwoven set of ever changing, interior and exterior circumstances.

Our bodily relationship with the landscape is uninterrupted; we therefore, embody the world and are co-immersed in unifying atmospheric densities. We are immeasurably connected, fused to the world and to one another.

I am now utilising my phenomenological approach to research and re-assess the historical iconography of the Wye Valley AONB (Area of outstanding natural beauty). This collaborative project is being supervised by Richard Coles of BIAD Landscape and is fully funded by the AHRC.

GD - Knuckle Down (2)

Knuckle Down, 2013

GD - Internal Milieu

Internal Milieu, 2013





Twitter: @roamingdunn

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