Grace Williams

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PhD title – The Supernatural Sex: Women, Magick & Mediumship 

Williams is the current Gertrude Aston Bowater award holder for practice-led PhD research based at the Centre for Fine Art Research [CFAR], Birmingham Institute of Art & Design. Traversing photography, film and installation the research explores the performance and sexual politics of the female body within the fields of Mediumship [channeling conduits] Magick [Occult, black magic] Magic [vanishing women] and pre-narrative cinema; with a specific focus on the materialising mediums within the Thomas Glendenning Hamilton photographic archive.

In 2013 Williams received the T.G Hamilton research Grant from the University of Manitoba, Canada, to work with the Hamilton collection and produce a feminist reading of the photographic collection, working towards the thesis ‘The Supernatural Sex: Women, Magick & Mediumship’.

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Twitter: @GraceAWills

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