Geraldine Marshall

PhD title – Taxonomy of urban letterforms: Birmingham

Birmingham is a typical UK city that has undergone the transformation from one dominated by manufacturing industries to one lead by service and creative enterprise and multi-national commercial retail businesses while at the same time experiencing huge demographic change with the historical influx of immigration. Evidence of such industrial, economic, social and ethnic changes can be reflected in the lettering found on the buildings within the urban environment, which captures a visual graphic DNA.

Using Birmingham (UK) as a case study, I have developed a systematic approach of taxonomy to record, classify and analyse these letterforms.

This research stems from my interest in lettering in the urban environment, the visual effect on its surroundings and the thought process of its application, accidental or intentional. As well as creating an extensive photographic archive recording the ever-shifting lettering landscape of Birmingham (UK), I also lead lettering tours of the urban environment and workshops for students and other enthusiasts.

Geraldine Marshall



Twitter: @BHamGraphicDNA

Website: coming soon!

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