Dr Zoë K. Millman


Zoë K. Millman is interested in how we perceive, attribute meaning to, and express our understanding of the landscapes we inhabit. Her particular interest is how we emplace memories in the landscape, their retrieval through movement and how this influences our identities.

Zoë is also interested in the links between the landscape and well-being and was academic co-ordinator for both the Well-Being 2011 and Well-being 2013 Conferences (Birmingham City University). She was a co-editor and co-author, with Prof. Richard Coles, of ‘Landscape, Well-Being and Environment’, published by Routledge in 2013.

Zoë likes to develop creative and sensory research methods and has published and presented at conferences on the subjects of visual, performative and narrative methods. Her recent work has used participatory, qualitative research methods to investigate landscape perceptions, identities and well-being in partnership with community groups and organisations including the National Memorial Arboretum and The Wildlife Trust.

In 2012 Zoë was awarded her PhD, ‘Landscape narratives and the construction of meaning in the contemporary urban canal-scape’  (Birmingham City University/British Waterways). She has a degree in History of Art and an MA in Museum Studies, both from the University of Leicester.


Creative Research Methods website

Twitter: @millman_zk

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