Dr Mark Walker


Post-doctoral Researcher at CFAR, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design

I am a philosopher by training working within the Hesperian classical and open continental tradition. If philosophy is my passion then art is my first love, but she is a fickle mistress and I am a bad and fickle servant. My relation to art, at least in its social aspect, is complicated by the fact that I tend to claim that I am not an artist, even as I produce objects that most right minded people would think of as art. Am I being unreasonable in my admittedly inconsistent claim that I am not an artist? Maybe. My thinking is that there is a different understanding to be found in the material and physical side of the act/performance than in the more theoretical admonishments and determinations of the technical/art object. Technical unification lends itself to an idealised smooth running’s scenario and conventional, nay, fetishized ethical and ethnic massification of a mythical some say mystical nature/prevailing, located alongside, within, or identical with the extended instrumental logic of the market. Discuss.


Email: markwalker433@gmail.com


CFAR research profile

Twitter: @Marble3Mark

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