Bushra Zalloom

Bushra ZalloomBushra Zalloom is a Jordanian Landscape architect, urban designer and book author, with extended academic and non-academic experience in Jordan, UAE, and UK.

Bushra has recognized achievements in the field that have been awarded nationally and internationally. She was considered as a “Pioneer female in landscape architecture” by the Jordanian Engineers Association in 2008. In 2009 she was awarded the “First prize” by the Women Metropolis in the competition that supports women’s creativity, for being an innovative author of an original book in Landscaping which serves the local community and respects human needs when designing outdoor spaces. Bushra also created a novel methodology in humanizing the city during her Masters.

Her PhD research in urban landscaping is multidisciplinary with multicultural vision; it aims to create a comprehensive model to be used in evaluating the social impacts of urban regeneration developments, and will be tested on one of the mega projects in Amman.

Bushra is not only an architect who designs on paper, but also a voluntary tutor who enjoys educating locals how to create a well-being and safe environment. The below images have been taken during different lectures in Jordan.

Bushra 1

Public lecture at the Jordanian Engineers Association

Bushra 2

Bushra 3

Different lectures in public schools with (Yazeed – Amaan – Madrasatee) initiative


Bushra initiated a Facebook page called “Let’s Shape Amman’s Future”, which gives the chance for the citizens of Amman/Jordan to shape the future identity of their city and evaluate recent transformations and developments. This forms an important step in educating citizens by positively using social media.

She believes that citizens should have the right, voice, and ability to evaluate these changes and assess their social and economic impacts; she welcomes everybody to join her page to know more about her city -Amman- and to exchange experiences with others.

Email: Bushra.Zalloom@mail.bcu.ac.uk

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