Research Mentoring

The BIAD Research Mentoring Initiative facilitates exciting interdisciplinary mentoring partnerships across the 2013/14 academic year between students at different stages of their research and with Early Career Researchers (ECRs) with mutual concerns across BIAD.

We have 18 researchers taking part, forming 9 partnerships from a multitude of rich and diverse disciplines from Philosophy to Typography, Fine Art and Idea Management, situated at different schools and campuses within BIAD.

The initiative is flexible and we are keen that partnerships are developed beyond conventional frameworks to meet individual’s needs. There is also scope to extend beyond one-to-one partnerships to larger networks of researchers and to work with arts professionals at BIAD’s off-campus platforms where appropriate.

The initiative aims to enhance the employability and research profiles of all those involved through encouraging and supporting academic knowledge exchange that will result in new ideas, approaches and ways of working and research-related outputs such as conference and symposia contributions, publications, workshops, exhibitions and projects.


The initiative provides invaluable informal support for students at various stages in their research outside of their supervisory team both in relation to the PhD experience in Art & Design more generally and specific subject concerns. Mentees will also be able to increase the visibility of their own research profile in relation to their career aspirations post-PhD.


Mentors are paid for their role and employed by BIAD throughout the mentoring initiative. They will be able to gain transferable skills and invaluable experience of working in a paid capacity in an academic environment as well as developing their own research profile.

For any queries or further information, please email Dr Jacqueline Taylor at

Please note that the deadline for applications has now closed.

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