The Herbert

This residency was undertaken by Geraldine Marshall

The Digitising experiences of migration: the development of interconnected letter collections’ project between Coventry University and the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum aimed to bring together various groups working with emigrant letter collections to improve interconnectivity between existing digital collections of migrant correspondence. There was a one day end of project symposium, followed by a week-long exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry in May 2014 to disseminate the project activities.

This project required a researcher to promote the project’s focus on collaborative and inter-disciplinary ways of working and to provide a new perspective on what we’re doing. They were interested in seeing how their area of expertise might contribute to the project and are open to suggestions about how they might bring the exhibition to life, make the letter collections more accessible/meaningful to the public, or how they might demonstrate ways in which letter collections might be used in the creative industries.

Geraldine used her practical knowledge of commercial graphic design to initiate the design of the publicity material, and demonstrate illustrative options for the setup of the exhibition. She also sourced relevant artwork to be exhibited alongside the historical letter archive through her own research networking knowledge including Birmingham-based photography initiative somecities.




Download a full project brief here.

Read Geraldine’s blog post about the residency here.


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