About KED

The Knowledge Exchange in Design (KED) programme provides research students and Early Career Researchers at BIAD career development opportunities outside the academy.

Design has a significant contribution to make to all organisations – and academic research can benefit greatly from engagement with real world projects and perspectives. Now in its second year, the KED project is an established and well-regarded programme, and continues to bring benefit to partner organisations and the research community.

How KED works

Project briefs are sourced from a range of partner organisations and these will be advertised on this website. Researchers are invited to apply for a KED project brief and will then be paired with a partner organisation. A final brief will be discussed and negotiated with the host organisation before starting the residency. Projects are designed to be completed in a period of three to five days.

Projects might be a small self contained project, a problem-solving exercise, contribution to the planning or delivery of specific projects, or the development of a future strategy for the partner organisation.

Take a look at the KED film for an introduction to some of the projects from last year:

Why get involved in a KED project?

Knowledge exchange is an important aspect of our work as researchers and KED provides the opportunity for the cross fertilisation of ideas and approaches. A KED project has the potential to sow the seeds of more long term collaboration and training. As a result of participating you will gain practical experience of applying your design knowledge and research expertise in a broader context.

You will also gain insight into potential opportunities for engagement outside academia in situations where your skills will have relevance. You will be encouraged to reflect on your skill development during the KED experience with reference to the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) and to write up a short case study to share on this website.

The peer mentoring scheme is an integral part of KED and will give you the chance to support colleagues, learn from the experience of others and develop mentoring skills within a supportive format.

Next steps

Take a look at the project briefs from a range of partner organisations including SMEs, charities and cultural organisations such as galleries and museums. The project briefs will be posted on this website and at the launch event on 3rd December you will have the chance to find out more details about the projects.

Download an application form here.

You will be contacted shortly after and introduced to your partner organisation to finalise your project brief. Should a match with an organisation not be possible at this stage a further discussion will take place to establish options.

Projects must be completed by the end of July 2014. You will be required to produce an output for the partner organisation in the form of, for example, a presentation or report.

Please note that the deadline for applications has now closed. However, if you are interested in taking part in the KED scheme, we still have some projects to be filled and would love to hear from you!

For further information please contact:

Jayne Sharples, Project Manager and Mentoring Lead

EMAIL: jayne@js-coaching.co.uk; TEL: 07980 268867


Dr. Anne Boultwood, BIAD Research Training Co-ordinator,

EMAIL: anne.boultwood@bcu.ac.uk; TEL: 0121 331 7885

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