IE Design

This residency was undertaken by Bushra Zalloom.

IE Design Consultancy specialises in helping value driven organisations turn broad goals into insightful research, intelligent strategy, beautiful creative and – most importantly – high impact design and digital solutions. They create social impact and return on investment (ROI) by partnering with clients through innovative brand strategy, digital insight, web and mobile, and marketing and design.

IE Design sought a researcher to objectively measure the ROI delivered through a recent re-branding exercise at University of Birmingham’s Careers Network and overall prove the value of the brand.

As part of her residency, Bushra assessed the rebranding of the Careers Network including its new name and visual identity on target groups. Analysing the collected data confirmed that rebranding the Careers Network had considerable positive impacts on students and staff. It increased the sense of belonging to the university, their satisfaction, they were attracted to the new visual identity, and they were interested with the new language.

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Download the full project brief here.

Check out Bushra’s blog post on the residency here.

Check out IE Design’s blog post on the residency here.

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